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    Russians always seem a little mysterious to the Western world. Part of this is due to a difference in ideologies, part of it due to the long period of the Cold War, when communications were minimal, at best. What we don’t know about Russians, we generally fill in with stereotypes that often have little foundation in facts.

    Russians are Big, Strong and Out Spoken

    This may sound like a stereotype, but there is actually a lot of truth to it. Russians are tall. The average height of a Russian woman is five feet, seven inches. The average height of a Russian man is six feet tall. Physically, they may appear slim and wiry or pack bouncer’s muscles into their upper frame.

    They are very frank. The cautious era of politically correctness escaped them. They will say exactly what’s on their minds, and what they are thinking isn’t always what you would expect. A group of Russians visiting the Katmai bears at the Katmai Bear Reserve in Alaska, demanded that their guide show how she could get the bears to perform tricks for them. When she explained they didn’t train the bears, they became more interested in trying to teach some of the cubs to perform tricks on their own than in watching bears interact in a natural environment.

    Russians are Family Oriented

    Dating a Russian eventually means dating the entire family. They will expect you to appear for family gatherings and they will expect you to eat a lot. If you’re a light eater, it’s best to consume your meal slowly, for as soon as your plate is empty, they will insist on filling it up again.

    Russians tend to form communities and can be very clannish. They help each other secure housing and jobs, check up on their neighbors’ well-being and form strong loyalties. If you want to impress your Russian date, you need to be the type of hero who rescues kittens from storm drains and helps old ladies cross the street. You need to be a participant who cares about the good of the whole.

    The Highly Musical Russians

    Russians have a reputation for being rather reserved, even cold, but this perception will change greatly if you take your Russian date to listen to live music. Whether their preferences are Dixie Land Jazz or opera, you’ll never find a more enthusiastic audience than among the Russians. They stomp, clap, whistle and dance at rock and roll concerts and fill with emotion at a classical performance. Music brings out their romantic side. Music puts them in party mode. Music takes them on sentimental journeys and music highlights their festivities.

    Russian Demographics

    There are differences between Russians from the city, country raised Russians and Russian/Americans. Russians from the city are very careful about their appearances. Russian women spend a lot of time grooming themselves to bring out all their best physical qualities. Urbanized Russian men are nearly as immaculate, feeling you can’t date the beautiful unless you are beautiful yourself.

    Country raised Russians and Russian/Americans often dress down, preferring practical clothing and outdoor recreational activities. Their lives often center around the Russian Orthodox Church and may be more interested in a camping trip, an old-fashioned barn raising, or an ATV ride that will make your hair stand on end. Regardless of their demographics, you can expect your Russian date to be bold, to state exactly what’s on their mind and enjoy living life to the hilt.

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    If you have found an online website or app that offers Russian dating or Russian brides, you have certainly stumbled upon an opportunity—and perhaps a relationship that’s going to change your life for the better. There’s no doubt that Russian women are exotic, beautiful and very educated. They make for great conversation with a man of any nationality, since they usually speak English, although sometimes they do have a very thick but sexy accent.

    If you are interested in Russian dating then it might help to learn a few things about Russian singles. First of all, don’t assume that Russians are weak or super-subservient like some exotic beauties from third-world countries. Russian women are tough as nails! They are not really “feminist” in the way you think of the word in America or the U.K., but they still do admire strength in a man. They will definitely complain if you are being a chauvinist or cruel, but they are certainly no over-pampered and they can work hard when the times comes.

    Speaking the Language

    The language is sometimes difficult, especially if you don’t make any attempt to learn phrases or part of the language. The humor is different, some of the words or expressions may be incomprehensible if you only speak English. But hey, you can always use an app or website like Google Translate to get the gist of what she’s saying if she’s having difficulty explaining the issue in English

    Social Etiquette

    Women expect you to pay the bill and if you don’t, you’re thought of as cheap—not very attractive at all! The good news is that women expect to be treated like “ladies” and this means being chivalrous, kind, respectful and showing proper etiquette. The women in Russia usually carry only a purse and so they expect the man to carry any heavy bags or other items. It also goes a long way if you buy flowers as a romantic gift for when you meet for the first time, and make sure they are an odd-number of flowers, according to custom.

    Some men who have dated Russian women before, say that some of the women have a problem being on time. It may be the difference in cultures, or it may be a time issue. Either way just play it cool and don’t take this habit to be a personal affront. The truth is, they may not immediately respect you until you give them good reason to. Be patient and kind, but don’t be a pushover.

    If you are interested in dating a Russian woman or marrying one, there are always options online. Either you can look into using a mail order bride company, or you can actually find Russian immigrants in your own home country. There are now apps that can match those closes to you who fit your ethnicity and location preferences. Find out today if there are Russian women nearby where you live…if you live in the city you may be surprised at what you find!

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    Are you interested in a date with a Russian woman? How about marrying a mail order bride? It’s hard to say no to such an idea, because Russian women are truly beautiful and have a unique quality all their own.

    It’s understandable why, because some of the most beautiful models in the world are of Russian descent, such as Albina Dzhanabaeva, Anne Vyalitsyna, Victoria Bonya and Alsou Ralifovna. Russian fashion sense tends to be bold, colorful, with a touch of modern shaping and a whiff of futurism.

    Avenues to Explore

    There is something very sexy about Russian women, from their thick accents to their lean bodies, to the sweet and exotic way they talk. The Russian woman’s hair is full, long and colorful. Her clothes are always breathtaking and she is always receptive and friendly the first time you meet. While you can find plenty of Russians to date while using a dating app in Russia, many men online are more interested in finding a Russian bride, as well as international dating opportunities.

    Another possibility is finding a Russian immigrant in your own international city and there is certainly much potential, as they are scattered throughout the world, from the United States to the UK and Australia. It is true that even a Russian immigrant has personality traits familiar to Russia and perhaps they also have perspectives and behaviors that favor their home continent. The best compliment to pay to a Russian woman is to call her “Devushka” which means “young woman”, a term of endearment and acknowledgement of beauty.

    What to Expect

    Russian women are surprisingly shrewd when it comes to taking care of business or in some cases managing a business. In their home country, sometimes they are forced to be proactive in career and household care if the man of the house is not fulfilling his duties. This certainly shows initiative and a tenacity of character that is remarkable.

    Some sources report that Russia has an abundance of women and that they actually outnumber men. However, this is only true of the over 65 demographic, and is not believed to be true in the case of younger women in their 20s or 30.

    It’s true that sometimes the cultural barriers take some getting used to. Russian humor is different than English / American and sometimes the words or sentences don’t translate so be patient when it comes to explanations. Some girls also have superstitions about various things, which might not make much sense to an American man whose only known American folklore. It’s just one of the eccentricities to embrace in this new kind of relationship.

    If you have been trying to date the local population and haven’t found much success, maybe it’s time to search for a brand new type of lover—a new personality, a new ethnicity, and a new way of looking at things. Believe it or not, many men are simply not that attracted to American women and prefer a Russian woman’s charms and her view of traditional family roles. Russian women are everything Dostoevsky promised so why wait? Start using a russian women dating app exclusively made for Russian singles today!

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    Whether it’s James Bond movies, supermodels, or stereotypes on TV like Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle, you may be getting some mixed information on what Russian women are really like. Is it true whatever everyone says—they are tough and maybe even a little intimidating?

    The Characteristics of Russian Females

    Believe it or not, it’s not true. Russian women of all ages are humble, sweet and polite. The problem is that they want to be treated respectfully by a strong man…and once they sense that their husband or boyfriend is not a nice man, or if he’s weak, they won’t respond very well. They do not respect weakness in a man because that’s precisely what they’re trying to get away from, when they escape Russia. Too many men who have given up and are just drinking their lives away. Be strong and show you are a self-confident man worthy of their attention.

    If the Russian woman is looking for a mate online, naturally they are a little nervous and are hoping to put on a good “show” so that they will appear attractive, intelligent and good-natured. Usually, what happens is that you go to Russia in a tour group and meet someone in person that you chatted with online. Russian women are not wealthy and so may fall on the “sugar baby” side of dating…that is, they expect you to be self-sufficient, middle-class (which is well off in Russia) and charming if possible.

    Of course they’re not thrilled at the idea of meeting someone blindly and what they want ideally is a man who can buy them things and give them as much freedom as they desire. So if you’re looking for a Russian bride, don’t try so hard to be intellectual. They want to see deep inner strength and to take care of them.

    The good news is that Russian women are very charming. They like American men and consider them exotic, someone very different from the Russian culture. A significant number of married men in Russia tend to drink wildly and break the rules, which may scare a woman. Therefore, what they admire in American men is self-control and a stable life with a job that pays moderate to above average income.

    Showing Respect

    It’s true that some Russian women will feel slighted if they sense you are only using them for cleaning, cooking and other housewife chores. While they may be ready to do this, they DO also want romance. They want respect as a person. They also want conversation and intimacy, but this may be difficult with the language barrier. Therefore, it is recommended if you don’t speak Russian you at least learn a few phrases to show you are genuinely interested in her well being and want to make her feel comfortable.

    If you are eager to get started and find someone that can respect you, and that you can show a better life, then Russian dating is just what you’re looking for. You will be impressed at how smoothly a relationship can go, when two partners respect each other, even with a difference in culture.